Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Bob Dylan - Not dark yet ( Audiotrack ) 1997 - Last flag flying ( Movie ) 2015 - Didier Balducci - Tourisme Parralèle ( Book ) 2018

Les Chics Clips launches into the cultural prescription .... If you can, watch "Last flag flying", the three main actors do wonders and have rarely been so good, especially Steve Carell, to break your heart & Bryan Cranston , dazzling with energy. During the end credits you will hear "Not dark yet", an essential pearl signed Bob Dylan at its best .... for the literary council, if you know (or even il you don't  ! ) The city of Nice and its surroundings (especially St-Laurent -du-Var) & if you want to laugh endlessly, I recommend the wonderful book of chronicles by Didier Balducci, "Tourisme Parrallèle, Tome 1 - La Côte d'Azur ", published by Editions Mono-Tone.

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