Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mouse on Mars -They Know Your Name ( Dir : Charles Baroud & Pfadfinderei ) 2012

"A few weeks ago, our friend Charles Baroud (Laboratoire d' Hydrodynamique (LadHyX) / Ecole Polytechnique) told us about his newest experiments: He is now able to color drops and stretch surfaces in a way that the colors don't leak and the drop keeps its form, even if mixed with other fluids. Those experiments are used for cell biology research, but also create - as a side effect - really esthetic and crazy patterns. When Charles sent us a few clips of his experiments, we immediately thought that those images would match our track "They Know Your Name" perfectly. Charles then bought a high res camera (he, as the boss of his lab, is allowed to do so) and recorded some really cool video clips of the red drop, which we lovingly babtized "Steve Verlaine". We then asked Berlin based visual artists Pfadfinderei to get this material to swing." ( Comments written by the band )
    Brilliant , new aesthetic & poetic , really good solid electro band .....

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