Sunday, 17 March 2013

Quest For Sustainability w-Pike County - Short documentary ( Dir : Zakee Kuduro ) 2013

Imagine living in a place that’s so serene that when you open your eyes…you’ll swear you are standing inside of your dream. Of course you don’t want to awake, only to pinch yourself standing in all the Glory that has been given for your eyes to see. You touch the air with your tounge and run your fingers through the soil envoking all its minerals.
Oil pipelines have been in the news a lot this past year, between the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and various publicized oil spills. Potential human health effects of these spills are one of the concerns frequently raised, so I decided to take a fairly high-level look at the potential risks by hitting the road for our "Quest for Sustainability" series. I made the journey up to Pike County, Pennsylvania just outside of Upstate, NY where describing the mountains as beautiful is a complete understatement. This is part 1 of a story of a small town in Milford,PA who wants to keep their water clean, air free of toxins and of course pipeline free. The action to stop these trees from being cut was ended, but the fight against the Tennessee Gas Pipeline continues. 

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